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Cape Town, South Africa-Part 1

Cape Town, South Africa-Part 1 My dream trip was about to come true. I have always been active in issues of social justice and starting in the 1980s I joined the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa. I worked closely with the African National Congress in New York, pushing for sanctions against South Africa and […]

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Angkor Wat from across the moat

Ancient Angkor Temples – Day One

I was very excited to be visiting Angkor temples (or wats) for 4 days. The first morning we went to see Angkor Wat as it is the largest temple in Ancient Angkor. But before I describe that amazing complex, let me take you back through the history of Angkor, the ancient city area and seat of […]

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Ancient Angkor Temples – Day Two

Bayon Temple-day 2 On our second day visiting Angkor, we headed for Bayon Temple after a delicious breakfast of local Khmer noodles and fruits and French style pastries. Bayon Temple is located in the center of the fortified walled city of Angkor Thom (which means Great City in Khmer), once the largest city in the […]

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Cambodia-Around Siem Riep and TonlĂ© Sap

Cambodia has always fascinated me, particularly the ancient temples (called wats) at Angkor and their early Hindu and later Buddhist influences. Along with Macchu Picchu, the enigmatic cultural and spiritual symbolisms embodied in Ancient Angkor piqued my curiosity and imagination. So I was very excited to finally travel to Cambodia this summer. After a family […]

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