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France: part 3: The Riviera, Burgundy and Paris

We then drove to the French Riviera, known locally as Cote Azur which portrays a totally different scene…passing by its beautiful coastline, beaches and the mansions of the wealthy. We came to our hotel located outside Nice, located on the Mediterranean coast and the capital. It had its glitter and glamour during the 18th and […]

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France: Part 2: Dordogne, Languedoc and Provence

We headed towards Bordeaux to spend the night. As we were came to Bordeaux, we drove around a roundabout with statues of pilgrims walking the pilgrimage road, Santiago de Compostela, one of the beginner routes that goes through Bordeaux into  Spain. Bordeaux was first settled by Celtics and later came under Roman rule but today is a thriving student […]

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France: Part 1: Normandy, Loire Valley, Atlantic Coast

Memories of my first visit to Paris come rushing back, whenever I encounter French art, wine or pastry. At the time, I was a grad student at the University of Reading in England, so my friends and I could not indulge in the finer luxuries that Paris had to offer. However, even on student’s budget […]

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