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Khmer Flavors, Siem Reap

Amok, national dish of Cambodia Like other Southeast Asian regions, Cambodian foods have the hot, sour and spicy flavors from chilies, limes, tamarind, palm sugar, fresh herbs and spices such as lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, cilantro, sweet basil, ginger and turmeric. Crusty baguettes spread with pate are sold all over by vendors. We tried many […]

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Market, Siem Reap

This summer, I visited Siem Reap, Cambodia. Where I travel I love to visit local markets and take in the local culture, color, flavors and scents. One morningĀ I went to one of the mainthe local markets in Siem Reap. What a beautiful colors and textures— Bananas, mangoes, mangosteens, durians, rambutans, pomelos, pineapples and so many […]

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